Storm Restoration

Restoring your home or business from hail, wind, and storm damage

Weather Damage Affects Thousands of Roofs in Texas Each Year

Wilco Contractors is a local roofer in Greater Dallas with extensive experience repairing storm damage and solving a wide range of roof repair and replacement needs.
General Storm Damage

Missing shingles or damage to your roof can leave your home vulnerable to leaks and other damage inside.

Hail Damage

The high winds that often accompany hailstorms can cause blow-off damage that should be repaired right away.

Disaster Strikes

Lightning, trees and other objects falling on to your roof, and other disasters can strike at any time.

With Heavy Storms Comes High Winds and Roof Damage

Hail Damage in Forney, TX

Signs of storm damage

  • Missing shingles or tiles
  • Curled, cracked or torn shingles
  • Debris, such as tree branches, on the roof deck
  • Horizontal lines where granules were worn off beneath the shingle above; a sign that the shingle seal was broken and the shingle was flapping in the wind rubbing against the shingle above it
  • Stains and peeling paint on walls and ceilings; water, rotting or mold in the attic could indicate a leak

What to do if your roof has wind damage

All shingles have wind coverage. If the wind load that caused your roof damage was above the manufacturer’s wind warranty, you’ll need to file a roof claim with your insurance company. If the wind load was below the wind coverage, you should contact your shingle manufacturer to file a claim. In either case, it’s important to have roof damage fixed immediately. The longer you wait, the more damage and expenses you might have. Climbing on your roof to inspect the damage yourself isn’t recommended. Wilco Contractors has the tools and equipment to safely check your roof for damage.

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