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It's so incredibly refreshing to deal with a contractor that does what they say they are going to do. AJ came to my home and laid it all out where I could understand the process of installing my new roof. No surprises! His entire team was professional, prompt and attentive to that which we considered 'special care' items like our hydrangeas around the house. They worked a long hard day and didn't leave a single nail or peice of trash behind. Wilco is a quality co employing professional people. I will definitely use them again.

Great Team!!!
Brian Voss

Brian Voss Avatar
Brian Voss

I had a large roofing and window project. What I appreciate about this company is how thorough they are which really speaks to my need to have even the minor details paid attention to. The work that they did on my roof and windows was excellent and I will recommend to anyone needing a roof replacement.

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A Google User

AJ and his team were incredible. They were on time, extremely detailed and efficient. In one day they tore off three layers of composition roofing, repaired damaged decking, cut new ridge vents and reroofed the entire home. This crew ran like well-oiled machinery without a moment or movement wasted. A crew leader was on site at all times and every concern was immediately addressed. A leaking skylight two months later was immediately corrected and sealed with only one phone call. I highly recommend Wilco Contractors. AJ is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. His customer service and communication is top notch. AJ handled all of my insurance claim and answered all my questions. He is both personable and professional. Very pleased.

Hannah Jones Avatar
Hannah Jones

Wilco Contractors was truly amazing! They handled every detail and stayed on top of my roofing project. They addressed things that I didn't even notice to ensure I would be satisfied long term. They were prompt and when there was a delay due to my insurance adjuster, they kept me informed. The work they completed was so good that I contracted them to do some additional work which was completed on time, within budget and high quality. When I'm ready to complete future projects to my home, I will definitely be contacting Wilco Contractors.

Tonja Hall Avatar
Tonja Hall

I highly recommend Wilco Contractors. They did an absolute amazing job on my roof and gutters. Ciara Rackers helped me every step of the way. She took care of all the insurance questions and helped me with all the paperwork! The best thing was, I didn't even have to leave my house. Wilco Contractors not only got the job done right, they got it done fast.

Nicole Kirchmeyer (Red Hot Rage) Avatar
Nicole Kirchmeyer (Red Hot Rage)

Great company!! Professional employees! Mr. Williams saw to it that they completed the job on time. Very good quality work! I would wholeheartedly recommend this company!!

Angela Spiller Avatar
Angela Spiller

I just want to first say thank you for your honesty and honoring your quality of work. Wilco replaced my clients roof in a time of need for a client who was closing on her home and needed done at the last minute. When other roofing companies would not even honor their word to even come out and give an estimate on my clients property. Wilco not only came out twice, but completed the work on time before the rain was supposed to hit the area( NO LEAKS). The integrity of this company is impeccable. They are highly recommended and tell them Tyson sent you.

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A Google User

AJ really helps with what we needed. Appreciate what he was able to do on getting our new roof.

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Ly Phean

We had contacted our insurance company regarding a leak in our roof and they referred us to Wilco. They were prompt, professional and effecient. We were especially impressed with the timely way they handled the project. They worked daily until the project was finished. They even helped with the paper work with the insurance and mortgage company. We highly recommend them. The job was done to perfection and by very personable people. Thanks Wilco.

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jo ann riggs