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How to Know When Your Contractor is Ripping You Off

Things go wrong when owning a home. Sadly, there may be times when you encounter shady contractors. As a result, you must know when you have a […]

Making Your Roof Financially Feasible

  When you own a home or business structure. you will need to make sure that it is in good shape both inside and outside. The outside […]

When To Replace Your Roof

  Although it may not be the first thing to spring to mind, the roof is one of the most important things to take care of in […]

Is a Metal Roof Worth the Cost?

Metal roofs can be an excellent choice for residential re-roofing applications, particularly in comparison to the less-durable, temporary roof types such as asphalt shingles. Compared to the […]

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Painter

If you are looking to give your home a makeover but are on a budget, painting its interior is the easiest and most affordable way to get […]

Three Signs Your Home Needs Insulation

Do you need more insulation? Or better insulation? Odds are, if your home was built prior to 1970, it’s a good rule of thumb to re-insulate. However, […]

Three Reasons to Call Wilco to Check Your Roof

  Roofs are often said to be like tires. We only think of them when a problem arises, and we only replace them when we absolutely must. […]

Roof Coatings: What are They?

Flat roof coatings are available in a variety of types these days. Homeowners no longer need to use tar with toxic fumes to seal their flat roofs. […]

Advantages of Metal Roofing

  Once used primarily for commercial projects, metal is now one of the fastest-growing materials used for residential roofing. The Metal Roofing Alliance estimated that 750,000 metal […]

How to Clean Your Gutters

When gutters fill with leaves, sticks and other debris, this can cause clogs and result in water creeping under the roof and sometimes, into the foundation. Clogged […]

How to Spot Hail Damage

Imagine you’re enjoying the soothing sounds of a steady spring rain from the comfort of your home. Few things are as relaxing! But then, that calming sound […]

Common Causes of Roof Leaks

Roof leaks might sound like a minor problem, but it can be a huge undertaking if you let things go too far. A small drop of water […]

What Happens During a Roof Inspection?

Maintaining your roof is something that is extremely important, but many of us tend to take for granted. If there is no current serious issue, we tend […]

Roof Maintenance in DFW

Proper maintenance protects your roof The best way to preserve the life of your roof is through consistent maintenance and by making spot repairs as necessary. By [...]

Hail Damage Repair in Dallas & Garland

Imagine Tiger Woods driving a thousand golf balls at your roof and you’ll have a good idea of how a severe hail storm can harm roof shingles [...]

Repairing Common Roofing Problems in Garland & Mesquite

We can quickly and effectively fix any roof problem, big or small Damage control. It’s a good idea to have your roof inspected on a regular basis and […]

Roofing Scams To Watch Out For!

Storm season has arrived, and Dallas homeowners need to be ready!  Several rounds of severe weather and large hail have already impacted several areas this year, and with […]

Hail Damage Often Leads To Roof Leaks & Water Damage

Did you know unrepaired hail damage can lead to roof leaks? If you didn’t, you’re not alone! Many homeowners are unaware they even have roof problems until […]

10 Vital Home Maintenance Tasks To Complete Before Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and that means family BBQ’s, backyard get-togethers and, of course, a new list of home maintenance tasks to prepare your home […]

Storm Damage: Homeowner’s #1 Fear

Owning a home is a labor of love. It’s often one of the most significant investments a person will make and it requires a lot of sweat […]

When To Get A Hail Damage Inspection

It may not capture your attention, fear or fascination like a hurricane or tornado outbreak, but hail is consistently one of the most damaging weather phenomena every […]

10 Serious Warning Signs Your Roof Isn’t Safe

Most people don’t spend too much time thinking about their home’s roof. After all, it’s out of sight, out of mind. Unfortunately, neglecting your roof can cause […]

Get Fit This New Year By Exercising Your DIY Skills

45% of Americans resolve to lose weight each year. Are you one of them? If so, we want to help you exercise and improve your DIY home […]

New Year, New… Roof?

A new year brings an opportunity to start fresh, especially when it comes to your roof! If your roof is over 15+ years old, is showing signs […]

New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home

Everyone knows New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep. Instead of going the traditional route of resolving to lose weight or save money, resolve to improve your […]

Preparing Your Roof for Santa’s Landing

Santa comes only once a year, so you definitely want your roof to be prepared!  Christmas Eve, he will be stopping by your house, so why not […]

3 Common Winter Roofing Problems to Watch Out For

Common winter roof problems can be made much worse by the constant freezing and thawing of winter activity. And while it can be hazardous to handle roofing […]

Home Tips for Achieving Maximum Coziness This Winter

Is your home ready for winter? Sustained low temperatures, combined with cold winds and winter precipitation, can cause problems for the interior and exterior of your home. […]

Hang Holiday Lights Without Damaging Your Roof

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that more than 15,000 injuries related to holiday decorating occur every November and December. With the holiday season upon us, […]

‘Tis The Season to Check Your Attic Insulation!

Having a well-insulated home brings many meaningful benefits, which is why investing in new insulation is a great idea. In fact, studies show you can save as […]

Why Roof Maintenance Is Important During Fall Months

It’s that time of year when the weather starts to get a little bit cooler, the leaves are changing, and winter will be here before you know […]

Hail Damage Can Come Back To Haunt You

If your home was hit by severe weather this winter, who knows what might be lurking up on your roof? Blisters, punctures, curling or missing shingles.. if […]

Is Your Roof Halloween-Ready or Just Scary?

The scariest time of year is right around the corner. Halloween is a moment of tricks and treats, but what about your roof? If your roof is […]

Halloween Roof Decorating Safety Tips

Planning to decorate your roof this Halloween? If so, you need to be careful about how you approach the project. Roof decorating injuries are common around Halloween […]

How Storm Damage Compromises Your Home

When your roof is damaged you risk major damage throughout your entire home.  Your roof could be leaking right now!  Usually the roof begins leaking and the […]