The Complete Guide to Choosing a Solar Installer for Homeowners

The Solar Energy Industries Association reports that over 200,000 homes in Texas use solar power. Texas ranks 2nd in the nation for solar energy due to its sunny climate and large roofs.

Solar power captures the nearly limitless energy of the sun. With the help of a solar system, you can harness the power of the sun to become energy independent. Keep reading to learn more about choosing a solar installer for your Dallas home.

Customized Approach

Some solar installers adopt a generic or one-size-fits-all strategy. This is not helpful for houses with complicated rooflines, shading, or obstructions on the roof.

Many companies also don’t factor in your specific utility and their net-metering policies, a very important consideration for properly designing a system that will minimize your spend with your utility company long term. The best solar companies offer a variety of options for solar installers.

When choosing a solar installer, make sure to find someone who is willing to work with you and develop a customized plan. Find a solar system designer who has the experience to consider your goals, property, and project budget whenever possible.

With Wilco, we have chosen a team who collectively has decades of experience in North Texas customizing the right solar solutions for your home based on your usage, your roof, your utility, and your goals for going solar.

Inquire About Solar Installation Experience

Research to see how long the business has been operating and what certifications they have. Their history can help you predict what kind of work they will do for you and if they are familiar with your local ordinances and incentives for going solar.

Wilco’s team of Solar Experts has specifically been chosen for their collective expertise of decades in designing and installing solar systems in N Texas and will be able to advise you on available incentives.

Offers a Warranty for Your Solar System

The majority of commercially available solar equipment and panels are dependable and covered by warranties. Labor is frequently excluded from the solar installation. Wilco Contractors offers the best protections available in the industry for all aspects of your solar investment at no extra cost to you.

The length of the labor warranty provided by the majority of solar contractors might vary greatly. Solar systems can start to fail due to a poor installation job, so it’s important to find a solar company that is willing to back up their work.

With Wilco, we have ensured that you will have the best protections available in the solar industry for your investment, including industry leading extended warranties to cover every aspect of your solar installation.

Look at the Financial Benefits

The financial rationale for solar is straightforward, but since solar represents a new way of thinking about energy for most clients, less reputable solar salespeople may exaggerate the system’s savings and tax benefits.

Your solar project should have zero up front costs to you, and depending on whether you pay cash or which finance option you choose, your solar system will pay itself off and start saving you money. Some solar users even sell their excess energy back to the utility company to earn credits.

Your Wilco Solar Expert will be able to assist you in customizing the best financial option for you and your goals in going solar.

Browse Company Reviews

Take the liberty to browse the company’s website to start reading online reviews. Ask others who have installed solar systems in your neighborhood if they had a positive experience working with their solar installer. Given the long lifespan of solar systems, customer service is crucial.

At Wilco, we are customers first of our own products, so we vetted our Solar Expert team by installing solar on our own homes first!

Be Thorough When Choosing a Solar Installer

You need to be diligent when choosing a solar installer. We want to help you invest in solar panels so that you can make an eco-friendly investment that will reduce your dependency on fossil fuels.

Looking into different solar opportunities in your area can help alleviate financial struggles and become energy independent.

We offer no-obligation Solar Consultations for our trusted Wilco Homeowners. To see if your home could be a fit, schedule an intro call with our solar expert, Shelley, today! (click to schedule)